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Experience the ultimate power struggle in the thrilling strategy game, World Domination. Step into the shoes of a formidable world leader and unleash your strategic prowess to conquer and destroy the competing powers of the globe.

In World Domination, you will encounter global leaders with intriguing names like G.W Bash and Osama Bin Lama. As you navigate through this apocalyptic world, you will quickly realize that this game is a testament to the evolution of browser games. While it may be popular, it also serves as a reminder of how far browser games have come.

Visually, World Domination falls short with its outdated graphics, lackluster animation, and repetitive music. The sound effects are downright ridiculous, further highlighting the game's age. Back in 2003, browser games were far behind their console and PC counterparts, and World Domination is no exception.

Unlike most turn-based strategy games, World Domination heavily relies on luck rather than skill. While there are instructions provided, it is highly recommended to follow them as the game lacks obvious cues. However, the most disappointing aspect of World Domination is its political angle. The world leaders are stereotyped, creating an unpleasant experience overall.

World Domination may be a simple game, but it is also confusing and horribly outdated. It is not worth wasting your time playing. Instead, explore the vast array of modern strategy games that offer immersive gameplay and stunning visuals.

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